emptiness inside?

Today I went out on a “relational homeless feeding event” with an organization called Babysteps. In Seattle, there are many progressive people and policies that allow homeless individuals get back on their feet and try to become an integrated member of society. Unfortunately, the broken-ness of humanity spans too vast for this to all be a simple process. Every single time I’ve gone out to a homeless outreach event, spirituality has been naturally brought up. It’s so interesting that the homeless population that I have encountered so far have all seem to be in touch with a spiritual realm. These homeless individuals who really have nothing in terms of monetary assets are more comfortable sharing or talking about God and Jesus than those who have grown up within the comfortable confines of the Church. From these observations, I have formed a hypothesis on spirituality and the lifestyle many of us Americans live. When all of the material and worldly distractions are stripped away, one thing that remains seems to be our spirit, our soul. This is the reason I believe many homeless individuals have a lot to say in regards to faith and their own spirituality.

It seems that our spirit is within our most inner being, and the lifestyle we live tends to mask many layers of other things on top of our spirit. This causes us to deny our spiritual needs or to be out of touch completely. I wonder how much our souls could benefit if we are to step back outside of the comforts of our riches from time to time and address some of soul’s needs. As these times increase, I believe that we will see that there is a far greater purpose to life than living simply to attain things for ourselves. Unfortunately, our culture and world do not enforce these ideals. However, that should not and cannot stop us from continuing to search within ourselves to learn from our spiritual selves.


Author: christine

documenting ideas and things I find meaningful in one small blimp of time I call my life

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