purpose of plasir

I contemplated starting a blog, because I do not consider myself a strong writer. It was kind of like a cognitive dissonance moment for me because writing is a medium I would love to become more eloquent in. I decided that the things that were stopping me were something along the lines of “insignificant fears” that should not hold me back from sharing and writing down things I find meaningful, interesting, and insightful.

I hope that this blog can serve as a means for me to share my passions (big or small) and interests that can potentially inspire others to create or change. There are so many things that cause me to feel, to pause, to think, to enjoy. I want to share these things so that others may also chew on a bit of insight or thoughts I share. Sit back and read my perspective on life-related-things!


Author: christine

documenting ideas and things I find meaningful in one small blimp of time I call my life

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